Skincare To Reduce Acne

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It’s the age old question: How can I get rid of my acne?

Seems like these days everyone and their mother is struggling with pesky zits and troublesome skin. TRUST ME I have been there and still struggle with the little demons. I have tried every oral and topical medication in the books, every trick, myth, fad, and Instagram trend there is. It wasn’t until this year that my skin finally started to work with me (or the products started to work with my skin). So although I am no expert, I am one big human experiment that has a lot of experience with a lot of products so hopefully I might be able to help my fellow spot sufferers with the products and methods I use!

There are 3 main steps to my skin care routine: cleanse, treat, moisturize. Wow. Groundbreaking.

Step #1: Cleanse

Ok so judge me all you want but I have 2-3 steps in my cleansing routine depending on the time of day. It might seem really extra to you all but it’s working so I’m rolling with it.


Fresh – Soy Face Cleanser

If you followed me from my previous blog, you’ll know that I was obsessed with the Purity Made Simple Cleanser by Philosophy forEVER. I swore by it. I would’ve taken a bullet for that product I loved it so much. Then I found the Soy Face Cleanser so oooh ma gad everything has changed. It smells like cucumber so when you’re taking your makeup off it smells like a sweet relaxing spa day, amazing. Second of all it takes only one pea sized squeeze to remove all your makeup. Yes, even your waterproof mascara WITHOUT stinging your eyeballs out of your head.

According to the description on Sephora’s website “The amino acid-rish soy proteins help support natural elasticity and healthy skin, while rosewater is notable for its calming and balancing properties” (to read more about this product, click here). These two reasons alone are enough to make a girl (or guy) fall in love with this product.

So, as you can probably guess – not sure why I’m even spelling it out for you – I take my makeup off with this first.

Substep #2:

Neutrogena – Deep Clean Cream Cleanser

I actually picked this product up by mistake one day while looking for something else, and it wasn’t until I used it that I realized I had the wrong thing. Thanks to the drugstores lovely return policy, I was now stuck with this product so I felt compelled to use it.

Deep Clean contains salicylic acid, which y’all know everyone and their auntie tells you you should be putting on your zits. Salicylic acid acts in a similar way to aspirin in that it’s an exfoliating ingredient that has the ability to reduce inflammation (redness). It acts like an exfoliant basically, without the scrubbing – sloughing away all the dead skin cells and all the other nasty crap that is clogging your pores and aggravating your skin.

I put this product on after I’ve taken my makeup off and slowly work it into my skin using circular motions (please avoid your eyes when using products like this because it STINGS so obviously not good for you). If I’m having a particularly rough go with my skin I leave it on for a few seconds after massaging it in to really let it penetrate through my pores, and then I gently wash it off.

Read more about Deep Clean here.

Substep #3 (evening only):

Boscia – Thermal Black Cleanser

To be honest, I hated this product at first – I have since learned that this was due to the device I was using to apply it (read my Foreo review here). This cleanser is exactly like the name says. Black, thermal – as in it heats up when you apply it to your face -, and super cleansing.

This product contains charcoal which is known for its detoxifying properties, so pair that, along with the pore opening warmth that it gives and you got yourself some darn clean pores! Read more about it’s other amazing properties here.

I use this as my final step in my face washing routine in the evening to really make sure that I have gotten every last bit of grime from my skin before I move onto treating and moisturizing.

But wait! There’s more!

So now you think I’m a lunatic because I have so many steps to my skin care routine already, it’s fine, I’m not offended.

Step #2: Treat

When my skin is throwing a tantrum I know it’s time to bring out the masks. I have three favourites for those days when my face is looking irritated and in need of a little TLC:

Aztec Secret – Indian Healing Clay

One day I was scrolling through Amazon because I was in the mood to try something new and I stumbled across this mask.  I’m all over anything that claims to get rid of acne, and with amazing reviews to back it up I couldn’t resist (see reviews here).

The product arrives in a powder form and it calls to be mixed with equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar (for more information on apple cider vinegar click here). Once it’s mixed into a paste, slather that goop right onto your freshly cleansed face and wait 5-10 mins if you have sensitive skin, or 10-15 mins for less sensitive skin.

I find that I break out after using this mask – don’t be alarmed if you do too! This mask is meant to draw out impurities, which will come out in the form of a nice juicy zit. After a couple of days though, my skin looks amazing.

To buy this mask.

Origins – Out Of Trouble

I was inspired many years ago by the great Zoella to buy this mask and it did not disappoint.

This mask contains Zinc Oxide and Sulfur. Zinc Oxide is commonly used in nappy cream to help soothe irritating nappy rash, as well as protect the skin from further irritation. Surprise – it works the same way on your face! Sulfur has similar perks as well – reduces irritation and redness, and helps spots come to a head.

I use this more often than I use the clay mask, generally when my skin is looking a bit dull, or when I have an event to go too the following day as I find that the results are more instant with this mask!

Dr. Jart – Pore Minimalist Black Charcoal Sheet Mask

I saved the best til last people – this mask is a GOD SEND. Seriously. This sheet mask leaves you GLOWING like the sweet angel you are.

With activated charcoal and arginine this mask is a detoxifying miracle worker. I put this on clean skin and squeeze out every last drop of the serum that it comes coated in onto the sheet mask and leave it on for 20 mins. Once the 20 minutes is up I massage the remaining serum into my face and follow it with the rest of my face care (see below) and go to bed. You wake up looking like a completely new human – trust me. I swear by this mask.

Step #3: Moisturize

Moisturizing is so important. Not only does it prevent you from getting wrinkles (no, seriously the British Journal of Dermatology says so), but it also stops your skin from getting overly oily, and/or dry.

Of course there is more than one step to my moisturizing routine – what more did you expect??

Substep #1: 

Murad – Acne Clearing Solution

This stuff changed my life. Prior to using this product I had large, painful cystic acne spots all over my cheeks and chin (thanks, Foreo). I remember seeing a difference almost immediately.

I’m not entirely sure what makes this product so amazing. It could be the salicylic acid but I think more likely it’s the blend of so many different soothing and moisturizing vitamins and plant extracts that truly make this product shine. I’ve recommended this product to everyone and their dog. It’s so good.

Substep #2:

Cetaphil – DermaControl Oil Control Moisturizer

The final step! We made it! Prior to using this I used Ponds Dry Skin Cream, and although it was great, I didn’t realize how much damage it was doing until I stopped using it. Ponds is a super thick and heavy moisturizer which made my skin more oily than it needed to be which for those with acne prone skin you know how much of a nightmare this is.

This moisturizer keeps me moisturized without making me oily, and has an SPF 30 to keep my skin protected everyday. It also contains Zinc Gluconate which is an aid for skin regeneration (helps heal spots faster), as well as inflammation.


I know this list was extensive but I hope that it provided you with some knowledge and ideas on how you can also treat your acne. If you have any other recommendations for products then please comment below!

This is the most recent picture of my skin transformation – and between March and now it’s even better!

Stay tuned for more acne banishing tips – I have so many that I’ve had to split the topics up into different posts #acnelife.

Until then