The New “It” Style: Clear Lense Glasses + #Hashtag Sunglasses Review

Hands up if you had to wear glasses in school (hey). Hands up if you were called specky-four-eyes every time you put your glasses on (hi). Hands up if you’ve seen these now fashionable clear glasses circulating Instagram (definitely). Lastly, hands up if even though you should be annoyed that they’re now in style after years of being teased you’re actuating digging this new trend (SHAMELESS YES!).

If you’re on social media at all you’ll have seen these clear lensed glasses EVERYWHERE! And you know what? These ladies (and men) look incredible, so obviously I was on the hunt for some. Did I think I could pull off the trend? No. Was I going to try anyway? Absolutely.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by #Hashtag Sunglasses via one of my Instagram posts. They asked me if I would be interested checking out their website and potentially collaborating with them. So that’s just what I did.

I have a slight (but in control) obsession with sunglasses, however I have such a big head (thanks Dad) that finding glasses to fit my head and look normal is quite a task sometimes. I have two pairs of sunglasses that I am in love with from Groupe Dynamite (they are sold out but see below for some from #Hashtag Sunglasses that are very similar):

#Bieber – 8 Color Options

#London – 7 Color Options

#NewShades – 4 Color Options

#Rose – 7 Color Options

#Trending – 9 Color Options

Anyway BACK TO THE POINT. Once I was contacted by them I thought it would be a great opportunity to get myself some clear lenses so I could give the trend a try. Keeping in mind that I have such a big head, I knew I would need a style with bigger frames so when I came across the #OversizedClear Frames, I knew they were the ones.

At this point, all I had to do was send them an email to let them know which ones I wanted and they walked me through the rest.

Now, because I live in Canada and they were shipping from the States, I anticipated there being a little bit of a wait for them. It actually took about 5 weeks for me to receive them. I actually at one point didn’t even think they were going to arrive as I had seen some Instagrammers slating the company for being sketchy. However, I sent them an email to check my status of my order and they said my glasses were stuck at the border and would be arriving shortly. Sure enough, they did a few days later.

The Styling

I thought it would be fun to show you three different outfits styled with my Nerd Glasses so you can see how easy they are to wear. I am no fashion expert. To be honest I just throw on whatever I feel good in.

Date Night

My cute little date and I ventured out to a new rooftop bar in the city. The body con skirt and backless bodysuit had me feeling sexy, but the high neckline and the longer skirt hem made still allowed it to look classy. I added in the glasses for a fun little twist and was ready to sip on my ciroc.

Skirt: Forever 21

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Running Errands

The next outfit is perfect for those days where you really don’t want to put on makeup but you have to go out and run errands. I’m as self conscious as the next girl and my skin makes me uncomfortable at the best of times. These glasses were the perfect little “mask” to hide behind.

Shorts: H&M

Tank Top: Old Navy

Sandals: Sears Canada

At The Office

My last outfit is what I wore to work last week. Simple, professional, and a little jazzed up with the glasses without being overstated.

Dress: Zara

Blazer: Dynamite

Shoes: Urban Planet

I hope you enjoyed this little outfit post – would you like to see more of these in the future? Please comment down below and let me know! (#poet)

Did you really think I was going to end this post without hooking you UP?! Nahhh. Use the code NewShades4You at the checkout to receive 10% off your order AND free WORLDWIDE shipping. I don’t get any commission for this, nor did they ask me to write this blog post – I just thought it would be fun. Plus, it gave you a chance to lol at my shoddy attempt at modelling hahaha.

Until next time