How To Pick The Perfect Airbnb

I could talk about how great I think Airbnb is for DAYS. I have had so many good experiences with my Airbnb stays that I thought I would share some of my tips and tricks for picking the perfect one.

So you’ve already decided on where you’re going. Transportation is booked and now it’s time to find somewhere to sleep after a long day of exploring a new city. But how do you pick the best place? Hotels are far too expensive, but you would rather not share a hostel dorm with 10 other sweaty travelers – this is where Airbnb will become your best friend.

My Top 5 Tips:

1. My first tip is to BOOK EARLY. All the best Airbnbs go very quickly so as soon as you know the dates you’re going to need a bed to sleep on, book a place. Don’t wait, seriously – otherwise a grimy hostel might be your only option, especially if you’re going over a weekend or during peak season.

2. Price point. Figure out how much you’re willing to spend each night. The Airbnb website makes it really easy to adjust the settings when picking a place to match your price point. Don’t be turned off by places that are super cheap either (idk why you would be but people are snobs ya know), some of our best stays have been in the cheap as chips places!

3. Figure out what attractions you want to see in the area you’re staying and then determine how close you want to be. If there aren’t any close to the attractions, is there public transport near by that will make it easily accessible? Location is key. Many Airbnb ads will have this information listed in their description. You can also see a map of the general area of the Airbnb as well.

4. Room or whole place? Do you care? Again, the website makes it easy to narrow your search down to what kind of accommodation you want. I have stayed in entire homes, and single rooms and both are fine. when you’re out travelling are you really going to spend that much time there anyway?

5. Read the reviews!!! This I think is what really has helped us find some amazing places and hosts. The reviews tell it all. If there was a new listing on the Airbnb website and no reviews, we stayed away from those places. I love to give the benefit of the doubt but you never know. So pick somewhere that has lots of positive reviews.

This isn’t a sponsored post, everyone gets a link to use when they sign up for an Airbnb account… BUT, if you use the link below to sign up for your own Airbnb account, you’ll get some $$$ off your first stay! My boyfriend signed up through my link so that we could get some discounts while we were on our travels this summer. Every little helps!

These are the Airbnb’s we’ve stayed in so far and we absolutely loved them, so if you’re heading to any of these destinations then give them a try!

Amsterdam, Netherlands – Right on the tram route into the city centre. Took about 25 minutes to get there and back!

Berlin, Germany – An amazing multi-bedroom condo. We had our own private bedroom and ensuite bathroom so there was so awkward walking from the shower to your bedroom wrapped in a towel. The bedroom was huge too, we didn’t feel cramped up at all. Again, it was super close to transit into the city centre and around Berlin! And the host was super helpful with any questions we had regarding travel, sightseeing, and food! The only downside was we were on the 7th floor or something ridiculous and there was no elevator #fitness

Budapest, Hungary – One of my favourite places I’ve stayed so far. We had the entire apartment to ourselves, the decor was lovely, the host was amazing at communicating, and the best was comfortable enough.

Crawley, UK – We stayed in this one when we had a layover from Gatwick Airport. Only a short taxi ride to the airport. Hosts were super friendly!

London, UK – The location for this one is a little offside, it takes a while to get into the city centre, and the walk to the subway is also pretty lengthy, so if you’re travelling with suitcases this one probably isn’t a good location for it (we learnt that pretty quickly). But you get your own floor in the hosts house, as well as your own bathroom so it’s nice a private!

Paris, France – The host here was a wonderful woman. She provided us with a sit down breakfast spread every morning we stayed there, and sat with us to eat. Having not taken much care with our breakfasts for much of our trip, it was nice to start our days with a full tummy. The bedroom was small, but when you’re in Paris if you’re spending much time in your accommodation then I’d say you’re probably doing it wrong!

Prague, Czech Republic – The cutest little studio apartment with lovely decor and a good sized bed. Minutes away from the tram stop so traveling to the city was easy and quick. If you’re heading to Prague make sure you check out Kulatak; a restaurant with the best roasted duck you will ever eat in your life. EVER.

Toronto, Canada – The host has two fluffy cats so really what more can you ask for? Walkable to the main Toronto attractions too which is a bonus – no need for expensive cab rides!

Hope this helped out any of my fellow travel fanatics!

Until next time