A Sunny October Day At Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area

I’m sitting here writing this next to my balcony window and all I can see are grey skies and a horrible, misty drizzle. A much different picture to what it was a couple of weekends ago when my boyfriend and I went on a little hike through Rattlesnake Point in Milton.

This isn’t going to be a super wordy post… to be honest I just wanted somewhere to show all the pictures I took of the lovely autumnal scenery. Plus it gives me a chance to share a little bit about our experience, and give you a little bit of an insight into the park itself in case it was somewhere you were thinking of visiting!

The day we went it was absolutely gorgeous outside; blue skies, and blaring sun, quite different from the usual late-October weather. SO, if you happen to go on a day like that, GO EARLY! The conservation area is located at the top of a (very) steep road which we ended up waiting in line on for a good 30 minutes. I guess everyone had decided it was the perfect day for a nice fall hike…

Keep in mind too that you have to pay for parking when you get there… like pay per person to park one car. If you’re feeling up to it you may as well park at the bottom for free somewhere and haul ass up the hill, it’ll be a nice little (killer) warmup for the rest of the relatively easy hike.

Anyway, the park itself is very nice, the perfect place to take the fam out with a little picnic and a frisbee. My only complaint is how short the trails seemed to be, and how awkward they were to navigate. Hiking paths are split up by plaits of parking lot and portapotties which is fine if you have a decent sense of direction… I was not blessed with that, sadly.

Until next time