How I Decorated My Christmas Tree

Christmas season is officially upon us. Not going to lie though, I’ve been in Christmas mode since early November BUT I can appreciate that there are some that put off getting into the Christmas spirit until December (scrooges) (what) (who said that?).

We decorated our tree a few weeks ago. Thankfully, my partner is equally as excited to get into the Christmas spirit as me (that, or he’s pretending to be to make me happy…). To be honest I’m just so obsessed with our tree that I had to share it with you (show it off) and hopefully give you some inspiration if you still don’t have your tree up!

If you’re Canadian you’re in luck because Canadian Tire has THE PRETTIEST Christmas decs I’ve seen anywhere thus far. They have almost any colour you could want, any style of bauble, any sized Christmas tree. The one we went in also had a magical Christmas display with a Santa’s Grotto and everything set up. Even if you don’t need any more Christmas decorations it’s worth going into a CT just to gawk at the display.

We (I) decided on a silver/white/glass theme this year with a pop of red. A classic Christmas look with a modern edge. We also bought a pre-lit tree for the convenience – warm lights, obviously. We’re not savages.

Ok, so basically I’m just going to show you what we got and where we got it from! Enjoy and I hope this puts you in the Christmas spirit if you weren’t already!

White Glitter Snowball Ornament – Canadian Tire, $4.49

White Craft Snowball Ornament – Canadian Tire, Pack of 6, $7.99

Canvas Silver Vine Ball Ornament – Canadian Tire, $2.49

Canvas White Glass Inside Ice Ball Ornament – Canadian Tire, $5.49

Canvas Silver White With Wire Ornament – Canadian Tire, $5

Silver Detail Glass Ornament – Winners, $9.99, pack of 4

Glitter Candy Cane – Real Canadian Superstore, $5.97, pack of 6

Pom Pom Filled Glass Ornament – Winners, ~$5

Silver And White Diamonds Ornament – Real Canadian Superstore, ~$10, pack of 6

Pack of Assorted Red & Silver Ornaments – Real Canadian Superstore, ~$30

Silver And White Ribbon – Canadian Tire, ~$5

Wire Star Tree Topper – Canadian Tire, $19.99

Until next time