What I Keep In My Gym Bag

My days consist of going to work for 4 hours, having a 3 hour break, and then going back to work for another 4. This wouldn’t be so bad if I was working in the same city that I live in. So, for the sake of not wasting gas, I use my horrifically long break to get my workout in. I literally have NO EXCUSE to skip my workout because my gym is a 3 minute drive from where I work, and I have far too much time to kill to just sit in a Timmies on my laptop.

This means that I lug my gym bag to work with me every day, and shower at the gym every day as well. So, as you can imagine, my gym bag is my lifeline… it has literally everything I need in there so survive the gym, shower, and rest of my day.

Have you ever gotten to the gym and realized that you’ve forgotten a sports bra, or even worse… a towel for after your shower. I’ve left my towel in my locker far too many times more than I’d like to admit and had to do a mad, naked dash across the change room to my locker to try and get my towel out before I scare anyone with my stark naked bod. I somehow managed to forget shampoo one time and was forced to wash my ratty, sweaty hair with my face cleanser and much to my surprise my hair was the softest it had been in a long time after that wash.

I decided I’d share with you what I keep in my gym bag so that if your day is anything like mine, you can take some inspiration from it.

Outfit for the day – I always wear leggings to the gym, especially at this (freezing) time of year.¬†For my top 3 fave leggings check out my blog post here. Then I will pack a sports bra that fits the type of workout I’m doing (e.g. a high impact one if I know I’m doing to be doing a lot of jumping/running), and usually I pack 2 tops. Seeing as I pack my bag the night before, I have no idea how I’m going to be feeling for my workout the next day – am I going to want the belly out in a crop top or to cover myself up with something baggy?

Shoes – The type of shoes I bring depend on what I plan on working out that day (I always plan my workouts for the week in advance so I know what I’ll be doing the night before while I’m packing my bag). If you haven’t read my blog on what type of shoes you should wear to the gym, go check that out as well!

Fitness equipment:

  • Mini-bands – these literally come with me EVERY time I go into the gym, regardless of the workout. Have you seen my mini-band glute workout post yet?
  • iPod – I cannot workout without music, so I would consider this a piece of fitness equipment. I have a top 15 songs to get you through a workout post too!
  • Water bottle

Hair products:

  • Shampoo/conditioner – I have little travel sized bottles so that my gym bag doesn’t weigh a billion lbs
  • Dry shampoo bc I’m v. guilty of blow drying sweat into my hair and then dry shampooing the shit out of my hair so it looks (and smells) a little more acceptable. Stop judging pls
  • Leave-in conditioner so my hair stays silky smooth
  • Hair dryer/straightener so that I don’t go back into work looking like a drowned rat
  • Hair brush

Face & body:

  • Body wash… duh
  • Face wash because my makeup from the morning shift usually ends up halfway down my face after sweating for over an hour so I have to wash it off and start all over again after my shower
  • Moisturizer so my face doesn’t go crusty
  • Makeup – so that I don’t look dead after washing my face

Other bits and bobs:

  • tampons – cause you never know if an emergency will strike
  • toothbrush/paste
  • bandaids
  • adapter for the iPhone 7 and up headphone jack incase my iPod dies
  • a lock!

And das it! What do you keep in your gym bag? Anything I’m missing that I def should bring with me? Comment below!

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