HerbaLand Protein Gummies Review

Protein GUMMIES!? A very new concept to me as I’m sure to many of the people reading this post. Last time I checked protein supplements came in the form of a powder or a bar. Gummies?? Ew?

I was recently sent a complimentary Balance VoxBox by the company Influenster. In it contains a number of things (stay tuned for the reviews on those), one of which was a little packet of protein gummies by a company called HerbaLand.

Having never heard of anything like these, I was excited to give them a try after my next workout. One of my workout buddies actually received the same VoxBox as I did, so I suggested that we try them together after our workout.

The bag we received was a 10g sample size of their normal 50g baggy. 10g equalled about 10-12 gummies, so times that by 5 and you have at least 50 dummies, which is a pretty decent sized snack with not too many calories.

The package said that 50g of gummies contained 10g of protein, 28g of fibre, and only 1g of sugar. Oh, and they’re vegan.

I had left my gummies in the car while we worked out because I didn’t want to have too much stuff cluttering up my pockets. It’s currently freezing outside and the snow is falling fast, so they sat in the cold for a couple of hours. My friend however brought hers into the gym with her… which is warm.

You’re probably wondering why the heck that matters but it does. Upon trying them, the initial flavour you get is like a normal gummy candy but a little more dense/not very squishy (think: swedish fish/berries texture). The more you chew the more of that chalky, protein-y texture you get. HOWEVER, that chalky taste/texture was less in the ones that had been sitting in my car in the cold, than the ones that had been in the warm gym. The taste was fruity, but kind of hard to tell the difference between the flavours listed on the packet.

We took a quick visit to their website to see what sorts of packages they offered. Our little info card that we received in the Vox Box said that they retailed for $3-$3.50. We just didn’t know how much product you actually got for that $3-$3.50. Turns out its the 50g packets that are $3-$3.50. You can also buy a 600g bag for $35, which makes 50g = $2.91. $2.91 is cheaper than a protein bar, however a normal protein bar contains triple the amount of protein than a package of these gummies.

So, overall… the protein gummies were good – I’d say they’re better than most protein bars taste-wise. It was cool to try something a little different, however if your protein intake goal is a little higher, you’re probably better off supplementing with something different than these because you’d have to eat 125g of these gummies to get the recommended post-workout protein amount!

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