Foreo Luna Review

This is just going to be a quick little post. I just wanted to share my experience with the device that everyone seems to suddenly love so much. A “miracle worker” if you will. The Foreo Luna.

I realize that my experience is probably very rare, but if you’re using this device and you are having similar issues to what I was then maybe this post will stop you from blaming your body for your skin’s hissy fit.

I bought the Foreo Luna Mini after a particularly bad spell with my skin. I’d had enough. My friends raved about it and so did the internet so decided to suck it up and spend the $120 so I too could witness it’s magic. I thought this was going to be the device that changed my skin forever. The Foreo Luna is said to gently cleanse the skin using vibrating, silicone bristles to get deep into the pores.

The breakout that lead me to buy the Luna – This was mid July:

So to use the Foreo Luna you are supposed to take your makeup off first (manually), and then apply your cleanser to your face or the Luna and let the device gyrate all over your face for a few minutes. The idea behind it is that the vibrating helps bring all the dirt from your pores to the surface, and the silicone makes the device easy to clean so no bacteria is left behind. In theory it sounds great, for me – it was an absolute nightmare.

They say that upon using the device, your skin will have a “purging phase”. So basically, you’re supposed to break out like mad for the first couple of weeks while the device pulses all the gunk out of your face, and then after that you should have glowing, flawless skin. Sounds like heaven, right? Well, it would have been if it had worked out that way for me.

I started using the Luna as soon as I bought it, following the directions that the lady in Sephora gave me: “don’t scrub, just let the device glide over your skin”. By the next week I actually thought I was seeing some slight improvements, my skin didn’t seem so angry. I was so relieved that it was working – and then hell broke loose. My acne spots seemed to get more inflamed and painful. At first I thought that it was just the purging stage that had come late so I stuck it out for a few weeks to see if it would go away. It didn’t.

How my skin looked at that point – No improvement, definitely worse:

So I went back to Sephora in almost tears and they told me that it was probably the cleanser that I was using and I was suckered into buying a new cleanser instead of returning the device. Again, I stuck it out. Keep in mind that I’d now been using this device for over a month with no improvements. The acne just kept getting more and more painful. I broke out in the most painful cystic acne I had ever had in my life all over my cheeks and chin. I used it for about 3-4 more weeks after changing my cleanser with no luck so I eventually took it back.

This is the state of my skin just before I ceased the use of my Luna:

Once I stopped using the Luna I saw an immediate improvement in my complexion – this is around the time that I started using my current skin care routine which you can read all about here.

The difference I saw in my skin within a few months was incredible, and it still keeps improving to this day.

So, my advice here is to buy the device from Sephora and keep a hold of your receipt – they will give you a refund if you return it within 30 days (even if it is used), and in store credit if it is after the 30 days but within a yer of purchase (again, even if it has been used). I say this because even though like I said my experience probably doesn’t happen that often, it’s still nice to know that you have the option to return something if you really are not happy with it.

What’s your experience with the Luna? Do you love it? Was I doing something drastically wrong when using it that made this reaction occur? Was it even the Luna that was causing me this mess? I’d love to hear your opinions!!

Until next time