Current Makeup Favourites: Everyday Makeup Routine

Originally this post was going to be a summer favourites recap, but it wasn’t until I started writing the post that I realized most of my favourites were makeup based. So, instead I decided to strictly write about my makeup favourites for each part of the face.

Bonus: I have acne prone skin and this makeup look doesn’t aggravate it at all! To read more about how I keep my acne at bay, check out these two posts:

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This list is in order of how I do my makeup, and the makeup “look” that I go for 99% of the time. Enjoy! (And don’t judge me, I definitely did not wash any of my brushes before taking pics of them)

1. Foundation – Rimmel: Match Perfection

I purchased this foundation while I was in England a few months back because I’d been on the hunt for one for some time. Let me tell you, this is comparable to Tarte: Rainforest of the Sea, I shit you not. I had been debating buying that foundation for a long time but decided to wait until after my trip… and I didn’t even go and buy it in the end because I loved this Rimmel one so much.

It’s a light-medium, but buildable coverage, not too matte, not too dewy. Stays on ALL DAY. And the shade is perfect (I use 100 Ivory). What else can you ask for at such an affordable price?? That would just be greedy.

I’ve been using the Luxie blush brush (#514) to blend out my foundation for quite some time now – it’s firm enough to blend it out without tons of the product soaking into the brush, but soft enough that it doesn’t feel like you’re trying to bruise your face up.

2. Eyebrows – NYX: Micro Brow Pencil

This has been my holy grail eyebrow pencil for some time now. As a blonde, finding an eyebrow pencil that doesn’t have red undertones, but is also light enough to match your hair is QUITE the task. I have been subject to the strawberry brow, as well as the her-eyebrows-are-so-dark-they-could-pass-for-strips-of-liquorice brows. Both not ideal for the blonde woman.

I use “Brunette” to lightly line underneath my brows, to give them shape and definition, and then I use “Taupe” to fill the rest of my brows in. No red undertones and the most perfect tiny little pencil end to draw fake hairs in. They also have a little brush on the end that allows you to brush your brows out as you go.

3. Eyeshadow/Primer

I honestly think I have the greasiest eyelids of any woman on this planet. If I don’t prime my lids before I put eyeshadow on, within the hour it will have all sunk into my crease in an ugly, greasy line.

Smashbox Shadow Primer is my MVP. Using my fingers, I put the tiniest bit all over my eyelids, and then set it in place with Sephora’s own matte eyeshadow in “secret boudoir” (see review here). I follow that with a Bronzer by theBalm – Bahama Mama just to add a little bit of definition to my crease. This is a sample that I got from my Easy Glam Bag a while ago, and I will definitely be re purchasing the full size once I’m out of this mini!

I use a costal scents brush (no number, sorry – but this one is similar) to put both the eyeshadows on and blend.

4. Winged Eyeliner

Up until about 3 months ago I steered clear away from the winged liner because I couldn’t do it to save. my. life. I have been blessed (cursed) with hooded eye lids, which makes perfecting the winged liner much more difficult than it already is. If you draw that wing at the wrong angle all of a sudden your eyes look like they’re drooping into the depths of the ocean.

BUT, I have finally mastered it (mostly). I can’t give you any other tips than to be patient, and to use a felt tip eye liner they are amazzzing and so easy to use. A couple of my favourites are the Ciate: Fierce Flicks Precision Tip Liquid Liner, and Rimmel: Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner.

5. Coverup – Collection: Lasting Perfection Concealer

Thanks to Zoella for this one. Collection was that brand that I used religiously as a pre teen because their products were cheap and straight forward to use. Since moving to Canada it’s been notably more difficult to get my hands on, and with every YouTuber raving about it you can imagine how much I wanted to try it. So, when I went to England earlier this year I snagged one for myself.

I had been using the Lock-It Concealer by Kat Von D, which is a thick consistency but provides great coverage. So I was looking for something like that, without the hefty price tag and this definitely fit the bill. Bonus: it isn’t nearly as thick goopy as the Lock-It, but provides similar coverage!

I use a similar brush to the Luxie 514 brush to blend out my concealer, unfortunately I’ve had it for so long I couldn’t even take a guess at where it’s from. I also use a small Multitask Concealer brush (Sephora #21) on areas I need to be a bit more precise.

6. Contour

To be honest I have no idea what the brand of this contour stick is. I got it ages ago in an Etsy Glam Bag, and it’s been rubbing around my makeup bag for so long that all the details have rubbed off of it. However, I feel like any contour stick will do – I’ve heard really good things about the Maybelline Master Contour stick.

I just think the sticks are so much more handy than the palettes, especially for someone like myself who doesn’t do a heavy contour, purely because they’re SO EASY to use. Draw a couple of lines here and there, blend, and wa-la! You’re golden.

Trust me, even up until about a month ago I didn’t think it was that easy either, I just decided to finally give it a go one day and I haven’t turned back. My chubby cheeks and massive forehead are thanking me.

To blend out my contour, I use an expert face brush by realTechniques. It’s nice and dense to it really moves the product into the skin.

7. Powder – NYX: Studio Finishing Powder

MY. LIFE. SAVER. Honestly. My under-eye concealer will crease without a doubt if I do not set it with powder. It’s the greasy eyelids again, it’s gotta be.

I’ve had this powder well over a year now (don’t judge me), and i’m only just starting to see that I’m running low. I also use it as a grease touch-up in the middle of the day if I’m looking particularly shiny that day. I go in with this after all my liquid/creamy products are on just to lock them in place throughout my t-zone and undereye.

For this, I use a Luxie 522 Tapered Highlighter brush (seems I’m the queen of using brushes for anything other than they’re intended for… whoops!).

8. Bronzer – Two Faced: Chocolate Soleil, Medium/Deep Matte Bronzer

I also seem to be the queen of having a makeup bag full of sample sized products. I got this bronzer using my Sephora Beauty insider points and I think I’ve probably used it every day since – especially given that it’s summer. Gotta make my pale English skin look like it at least caught a few rays… Even if summer this year was a rainy mess.

I use this to lock in my contour, and also bronze up where the sun would usually hit. Blends easy, and you don’t need a whole lot of it for it to make a difference. Oh, and it’s matte. I love a good matte bronzer. Another favourite of mine is Benefit’s Hoola bronzer – again, matte. I hate touching my face throughout the day and suddenly having sparkly hands.

I use a generic fluffy brush to apply my bronzer, I think mine is an old NYX brush.

9. Blush – Benefit: Rockateur

I think those with paler skin like myself, do well with rosier blushes, and those with blonde hair and blue eyes do well with coral toned blushes. Well, this one seems to be a mix of the two so it suits my skin tone perfectly. I use this year round and it works well for me.

There is a SLIGHT glow to it. It’s not shimmery by any means, but it gives you a healthy looking complexion. Bonus: it smells really good.

I use the same brush to apply my blush as I do my bronzer, cause lazy.

(see above pic)

10. “Highlight” – Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder – Luminous Light

Another one to thank Zoella for; this product has become my HOLY GRAIL for achieving the highly sought after “glow”. I’ve never really been one for going wild with the highlighter – I find that it looks too overpowering on my face seeing as I don’t wear that much makeup.

Although this product is created to give your face an all over glow and “blur”, I use this primarily on my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose. This product comes in SO MANY different shades and tones so finding one that is perfect for your skin is so easy. They’re pricey, but so worth it seeing as you don’t need to use a lot to achieve your desired look.

Also a great product to use in the summer when you don’t want to wear makeup but still look glowy as fresh!

Yes… I use the same brush as my blush and bronzer to apply this as well… get at me.

11. Mascara – Maybelline: the Falsies Volum’ Express

Bought this on a whim because my Smashbox X-Rated mascara finally kicked the bucket (sad!). I’ve heard lots of good things about Maybelline mascara in the past and as I just moved house, I wasn’t about to spend $28 on Smashbox.

I like a mascara wand that is kind of flat, with thick long bristles on either side. I like one that stays on all day but isn’t a pain in my ass to remove at the end of the day. And, I like one that makes my lashes look more lush than Rihanna’s booty. This ticks ALL the boxes.

12. Lip

I’m not very big on a bold lip for my every day makeup, but I also can’t go bare because my face just doesn’t look complete without SOMETHING on my lips. So, I tend to go for a peachy, pinky, nude. Lately I’ve been obsessed with Pacifica’s natural lipstick in the shade “Nudie Red“, with a Covergirl jumbo gloss balm over top in the colour “Toffee Twist” (#200).

Some Other Faves

  • Lash glue – Duo Clear Eyelash Adhesive
    • My lashes can survive an entire sweaty night out in the club with this glue – amazing
  • Individual lashes – Ardell Individual Lashes
    • I like these better than strip lashes (even if they take double to time to apply) because they look much more fluttery and natural.
  • Sparkly Eyeshadow – Ofra Bliss Eyeshadow/Highlighter
    • I can’t seem to find a colour on the packaging for these but it’s a lovely gold colour. I apply this with my fingers on my lid (no higher than the crease because hooded eyelids) and then blend it out a little with a brush.
  • Waterproof mascara – Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara
    • Hands down the best waterproof mascara i’ve ever used. I spend a whole day this summer in and out of the pool with this stuff on and it did not budge. Only down side is that you have to SCRUB to get it off at the end of the day.

What makeup products are you currently using? Any recommendations? I would love to hear them!

Until next time,